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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Date: February 10, 2017

The news from Russia that spouses and children can be beaten -provided there are no broken bones and it does not happen more than once a year- with a penalty of only 15 days in prison or a fine, is a worrying change from the previous 2-year maximum prison sentence. Russia’s parliament also has stalled the passing of safeguards for domestic abuse, including restraining orders.

I am not encouraged by the argument that beaten-up women have the advantage of giving birth to boys! That is just wrong on so many levels.

Fortunately, in England both the criminal law and the civil law offer protection to the individual. Beating your partner or child is an assault. It is a criminal offence. It does not require there to be broken bones to justify this. The law applies whether you are married or not.

It is also a civil wrong and can result in restraining orders. The Family Courts are particularly used to protecting women, men and children from assault by their partner (or parent). This applies to those who are married and cohabitees.

Sometimes domestic abuse is not visible at all. It can often be a controlling attitude within the relationship, whether controlling finances, or where a person goes or who they see. This is more difficult to explain and prove, and it helps to have someone who understands the situation.

At Coles we have a team of family specialists who are all able to recognise the signs and empathise with the client. We are able to secure a non-molestation or occupation order – also known as an injunction or restraining order – through the Courts for you. Depending on the circumstances this can be dealt with within a week or often sooner.

We can also take into account the background of your relationship when dealing with other matters such as a divorce or children issues. We understand the impact prolonged control of fear can have on a person’s ability to make decisions for their future.

If you need support from a solicitor who really understand the situation then please get in touch.