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Essential parenting task

Essential parenting task

Essential parenting task

Date: September 29, 2016

Whilst making a Will may not be high on your list of things to do now that you have a moment to sit back and relax after the stresses of the summer holidays it is vitally important to put a Will in place to protect your little darlings should the worst happen.

Most importantly - who will look after your children? Secondly, what financial arrangements would be needed to ensure they were cared for?

If you make a will and do not appoint a guardian it will be the courts responsibility to appoint guardians for them. The courts may not necessarily choose the people you would have chosen and families can be ripped apart by fighting over custody to the detriment of the child.

A Guardian will make important decisions about your children’s upbringing in areas such as upbringing and education which will have a major impact on their whole future.

Many parents cannot decide who to appoint as a Guardian in their Will and we always suggest they ask the question ‘Can I live with that person taking care of my child?’. We also suggest you ask yourself the following questions before making a decision:

  • Who is most able to take on the responsibility of caring for a child – emotionally, financially and physically?
  • Who do your children feel comfortable with already?
  • Whose parenting style, values, and religious beliefs most closely match your own?
  • Would the person have enough time and energy to devote to your children?
  • Would your children have to move far away, and would that pose any problems?
  • Does the person you’re considering have any other children? If so would your children fit in?

Being a parent is not just about the here and now but also planning for the future so contact our team by calling 0800 160 10 10 or email to safeguard their future today.