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Extra Funding for Domestic Violence

Extra Funding for Domestic Violence

Extra Funding for Domestic Violence

Date: March 22, 2017

Last week, recognising International Women’s Day, the Government have announced an extra £20 million of funding for services which support women and children who have experienced domestic violence or abuse. This will primarily fund services such as Refuges, domestic violence support groups and other agencies, many of which have no dedicated source of funding.

These services provide victims with much needed safety and space to enable them to make a decision about their future. Hopefully this can then give them the strength to move to a more permanent solution in terms of housing and personal protection.

Although this support is predominantly aimed at women, domestic abuse is also regularly perpetrated on men.

At Coles we have a team of specialist family lawyers who are able to recognise the signs of domestic abuse and will empathise with you, whatever your gender.

We are able to secure a non-molestation or occupation order (sometimes known as an injunction or restraining order) through the Courts for you. Depending on the circumstances this can be dealt with very quickly - within a week, or often sooner.

The Court takes these matters so seriously that, quite unusually in this current climate, there is no Court fee payable to make the application.

Often domestic abuse is not visible at all. It can take the form of a controlling attitude within the relationship, whether this be by controlling the finances, or dictating where a person goes or who they see. This can be more difficult to explain and prove than physical violence, and it therefore helps to have the help of an experienced lawyer who understands the situation.

We also take into account the background of your relationship when dealing with other matters such as a divorce or children issues. We understand the impact prolonged control of fear can have on a person’s ability to make decisions for their future and will always work with you at your pace whilst giving you the advice and support to help you move forwards.

If you need support from a solicitor who really understand the situation then please get in touch.  We offer a free 30 minute no obligation appointment so that you can meet with us and discuss your situation in confidence.