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FAQs - Time for a Fresh Start?

FAQs - Time for a Fresh Start?

FAQs - Time for a Fresh Start?

Date: January 08, 2018

Let’s talk about New Year uncertainties...

As we go into the New Year, many of us look to make changes to our lives.  Over the festive period we tend to reflect about what is important to us and where there is room for improvement in our lives. As a result, January is the time of the year when people traditionally look to make New Years' resolutions or decide on finally doing something which they may have been considering for some time.

Social Media sites and chat rooms have become increasingly active with some common questions from curious, and sometimes anxious, men and women of all ages and walks of life, asking for opinions and advice about relationship issues they are experiencing.  This ranges from basic information on separation to being subjected to patterns of behaviour by their partner that feel uncomfortable to tolerate for example, constant belittling or being subjected to financial control or feeling unsupported or unimportant.  They are questioning whether what they are experiencing is normal and are often looking to an outsider to validate their concerns and tell them that it is not normal and that they should not put up with it.

Some of the more frequent questions are:

  1.  If my partner is the bread winner will I be left penniless? 
  2. Who will get custody of the kids and can I move away with them?
  3. How do I tell the other person I am leaving them?
  4. How will I manage emotionally?  
  5. How will our friends and families react to us separating? 
  6. I feel trapped, what can I do?

If this rings a bell with you then we would always recommend that you seek legal advice. Chat rooms and Social Media are great places to seek the experiences of others who may have had similar circumstances to your own but that in itself is why you need your own advice. Other people are not you, whilst they may appear similar, there circumstances are wholly different from your own and public speculation is no substitute for specialist legal advice on divorce, separation and childcare issues. 

IDAS are a great source of practical advice and support for people in abusive relationships - whether you are still together or have recently separated or are planning to leave.  Although you yourself, may not think of some of the behaviours you are experiencing as abusive, often they are.

If you are considering separation then it is essential you speak to one of our experienced family lawyers.  We are specialists in this area of law and you can talk through your immediate queries and concerns with us.  We are friendly and approachable and use plain, jargon free language.  We will go through your situation and explore your options in a  confidential discussion with you either face to face, via telephone or email if you would prefer.   Our initial discussion over your circumstances and options is complimentary*. Then, when you see the benefit of our advice and wish to move forward with your future, we will guide you through the process step by step and clearly outline the funding options available to you, often one of the reasons people are apprehensive about separation.

With 10 offices across North Yorkshire and Teesside, including York, Harrogate, Northallerton and Stockton (Yarm) you are never far away from experienced legal advice. Contact your nearest office, call 0800 160 10 10 or email

*(up to 30 mins)