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Why A Wedding Means A Will | Coles Solicitors

Why A Wedding Means A Will | Coles Solicitors

Date: February 02, 2017

Weddings or Civil Partnerships are fabulous occasions full of love, emotions and celebrations as a couple join together to form a new union based on love, trust  and supporting each other. The last thing on any couples mind during the preparations for a wedding or as they are jetting off on Honeymoon is that they really do need to carry out that vow to protect each other and to make a Will.  Once the confetti has settled and you start a new chapter of your lives together, the first thing you need to do is make new Wills.

Not exactly a romantic or joyous task you may think but an essential one never the less. Hopefully a Will would not be required for a long time to come but it is part of that commitment to protect your new partner. Ask yourself this question – have you got life insurance if you own a house with a mortgage? This is planning for exactly the same eventuality and is taken out for exactly the same reason, to protect our loved ones if the worst should happen.  

Here are five reasons why after the wedding you need to make a Will:

Reason 1 – No Automatic Right

There is a misconception that a spouse would automatically inherit everything. This is not the case and they would be relying on the Intestacy Rules rather than forward planning. This is even more essential if you have children as the spouse will potentially get even less and may even mean that the family home has to be sold or court proceedings issued to allow the spouse to remain in the family home. The only way of ensuring that your spouse inherits fully is to make a Will. As well as losing a life partner, would you want your new spouse or partner to suffer unnecessary hardship and administrative burdens when it is easy to do something about it?

Reason 2 – Modern Family Structure

Modern families often include children or children from previous relationships and if a surviving partner did inherit your entire estate there is a long lifetime ahead of them when they may enter a new relationship, have further children or become frivolous with the money. That sports car they may have always wanted and 5* hotels can suddenly become appealing! Under a Will, safeguards can be put in place to secure inheritance for my children and, indeed, for any future children you have together.

Reason 3 - Children

If you have children you may want to appoint guardians to avoid a conflict in the family and ensure people with the same values and beliefs are responsible for parenting them if you were unable to. Your own parents may be too old, siblings may have their own hands full with their families and your friends who know your children may not agree to do it!

Reason 4 – An Existing Will is Automatically Cancelled

Although you may have a previous Will, this is automatically revoked by a marriage unless a Will is prepared in anticipation of a marriage (and this is stated in the Will itself) then a marriage or civil partnership means a new Will has to be signed even if the terms are to stay the same.

Reason 5 – The In Laws

If something happened to both of you in an accident, without a Will and you have no children then everything we own may go to the youngest partner’s family as they are deemed to die second. Whilst you may enjoy a good relationship with your in laws, under a Will you can state what is to happen in that scenario and divide things fairly.

Therefore, whilst it may not be the focus of glossy wedding magazines or on the top of every couples list of priorities when they first get engaged, when making that commitment to each other make a Will. This could either be as part of the wedding planning itself in anticipation of marriage or soon afterward when the Thank You cards are out and the photographs are eagerly awaited. Wills are not as complex and do not cost as much as most people think and would be a sensible first step into a lifelong partnership together.