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Your Options for Divorce & Seperation

Your Options for Divorce & Seperation

Your Options for Divorce & Seperation

Date: June 05, 2017

Breaking Up? You have options...

When facing divorce or separation, a trusted lawyer plays a big role in helping to sort out what can be difficult problems, involving your home, pension and finances. At Coles our experienced family solicitors are committed to guiding you along every step of the way to help you decide which divorce process is best for you. Your options include:

Solicitor Negotiation

Where your family lawyer provides legal advice and negotiates a financial settlement which suits you. This can be done through correspondence, as well as by using round the table discussions.


At mediation, an independent 3rd party (a professionally qualified family mediator) helps you resolve your issues and find a way forward which is mutually acceptable. This may follow initial legal advice from your family lawyer, who will provide advice through the mediation process when needed, and will reality test the terms of any agreement you reach.

Court Proceedings

When it hasn’t been possible to reach an agreement, either party can ask the court to fix a time table which will be resolved by a contested court hearing. Usually there will be 2 other court hearings along the way, (but at any time, if the parties can reach an agreement, the court process comes to a halt), and results in an order imposed by the judge.

Collaborative Family Law

Each person appoints their own collaboratively trained family lawyer. The parties meet together with their lawyers to work things out face to face. Your lawyer is by your side, providing support and advice. Everyone signs an agreement showing their commitment to resolve the issues without going to court. It prevents your lawyer from representing you in court if the collaborative process breaks down, so everyone is committed to finding the best solutions by agreement, rather than through court proceedings.

Family Arbitration

Family law arbitration is an alternative to court. You can choose the arbitrator and the times and dates of arbitration, as well as the issues that they will be asked to decide. Your family lawyer will prepare your case; your arbitrator, either at an arbitration hearing, or from seeing documents only, will make a decision on how the issues are resolved.

Our specialist divorce lawyers are based across our 10 offices including York, Harrogate & Northallerton and so you can enjoy a no obligation, confidential discussion with one of experts wherever you find one of our offices. Contact your local office or call 0800 1601010 to find out what options may be best for you and your circumstances.