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Local Power!

Local Power!

It’s no secret that the internet throws up some fairly dodgy dealings, but with limited overheads and a slapdash approach, online conveyancing ‘factories’ can offer substantial reductions on the price of buying or selling your home. They have the power to splash their low-cost pricing all over the internet, including your social media channels and they can make their offering seem very appealing. However, there are many more benefits to using a local conveyancing professional and here are just some of those reasons:

Local knowledge

Imagine moving to a rural village and not knowing what local amenities are on offer, or indeed where your local pub is? Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing if you use an online conveyancing firm. They don’t know the area, sometimes they don’t even know geographically where it is! Local knowledge really is power and it can sometimes speed up the transaction and also the accuracy of the information you are provided with. For example, our team of conveyancing experts knows their local areas. Ripon is renowned for its gypsum so our experts can advise you on this.

Coles Solicitors has offices in well-established locations and we have years of expertise dealing with clients in the area. A law firm that isn’t local will only be able to say what is revealed on searches and not be able to provide additional information or responses.


Personal Touch

It’s always nice to put a name to a face and that’s exactly the benefit in using a local conveyancing expert. Instead of conducting everything via email, face to face discussions can speed up the process and indeed understanding of any complex issues. This is particularly important when dealing with first-time buyers as it is a hugely stressful time and it is reassuring to know who is dealing with your transaction.

At Coles, we pride ourselves on having offices in locations you love. You’re usually not far away from one of our offices and this helps when dropping documents off. It also helps to reduce cyber fraud.


Other services

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and their needs. Buying or selling a property is a huge commitment, both in time and money and we give our clients the customer service and professionalism they deserve. By getting to know you and your family we can pinpoint you to other services that may benefit you, either now or in the future.

Our Conveyancing Team are hugely professional but above all friendly. Why not get in touch with them today for a quote?

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