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Love where you live?

Love where you live?

Why are the team at Coles becoming Ambassadors for Redcar & Cleveland? Do you love where you live?

By Peter Gibson, Managing Director

I was brought up in Redcar and Saltburn, I went to school here and I went to college here. I shopped on the High Street, I played in the woods and on the beach. My family and many of my friends still live here and I consider it to be the most amazing part of the world to be. This is MY Redcar & Cleveland. I love where I live.

That was my childhood though and for a long time I feel that we’ve lost our sense of pride. Maybe not lost, but we’ve definitely misplaced it. That is changing for the better now as new businesses are growing up where the once mighty household names once stood. New technologies are being developed on our doorstep, showcased across the world. People are starting to visit here once again, perhaps not like they did in the 1950’s, but for events and festivals.

The place is starting to buzz again.

That’s why, as a socially responsible business embedded in our community, I see it as our duty to serve as a Corporate Ambassador for Redcar & Cleveland. We want to underpin and strengthen that sense of pride and place we once had.

Our offices are staffed by local people and we’re committed to employing local talent. We’re proud that our staff understand our community values and provide that local personal touch to our local clients.

I know we have a bright future and that is why I am, we are, and my team are proud to be Ambassadors for Redcar & Cleveland.

PS: Are you proud of where you live and work? You too could become an Ambassador for Redcar and Cleveland. Find out more here.

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