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Terms and Conditions

Commercial contracts are the legal glue which hold together the day to day trading activities of a business, from the simplest terms and conditions of sale to very complex arrangements.

We see on regular occasions businesses copying their competitor’s terms of business from an old invoice, satisfied in the knowledge that they have saved the costs of having their own document drawn up by a Solicitor. Then the day comes when they need to rely upon them, and they are sure that clause is in there somewhere… but on further examination it isn’t.

Your Terms and Conditions are the legal cornerstone of your business and set out the way in which you trade with other customers. They offer valuable legal protection, and if you do not have properly drafted and legally up-to-date terms and conditions, which properly reflect the way that you do business, then you are at risk.

Whether you are starting up your own business and need to define your terms and conditions or whether you simply need them to be reviewed by our Commercial team of Solicitors, get in touch with us today.