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Holiday Sickness

Unfortunately this can all too often be the experience of UK Holiday Makers abroad.

Coles Solicitors specialise in bringing these foreign holiday claims in the UK Under The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992.

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The problem – how do you bring a claim here?

Cases of food poisoning abroad are unfortunately very common, but you can make a claim in the UK for damages and losses as a result of food poisoning abroad if you got food poisoning on a package holiday.

Coles Solicitors deal with clients who have suffered food poisoning such as E-ColiGastroenteritisSalmonella and Clostridium as a result of poor food quality, procedures or hygiene.

Do you think you have a Food Poisoning claim?

Food poisoning is very unpleasant and causes a great deal of pain and discomfort for the sufferer. When you get food from the Hotel you are staying at, you trust that what you have been given is safe to eat. If the Hotel have been negligent and caused you to be ill as a result, you may well have a claim.

If you believe that you have suffered food poisoning from food in your Hotel, it is important to report it to the Hotel straight away and visit a medical center (and ask for copies of the medical notes). When you return to the UK, visit your GP straight away. Your GP will then take some blood or a stool sample to confirm what infection you have. A confirmed diagnosis will assist you to pursue a claim for compensation.

Time Limits

You have 3 years to bring a claim if the incident  happened on land but only 2years if it happened at sea (e.g. on a cruise). However, do not delay, as the closer you get to these time limits, the less likely it is you will find a solicitor willing to deal with the claim due to limitation problems.

Our 5 top tips:

1. Report your suspected case of food poisoning straight away and seek medical attention.
2. Take photographs of food being served raw, dirty, undercooked, with contaminants in.
3. Get names and addresses of other Hotel guests who have been affected.
4. Report the problems to your holiday rep and ask that they record them in writing and make an entry in their accident book.
5. List everything you ate in the previous 24 hours.

Many victims of food poisoning don’t realise they can make a claim

It is unfortunate that you may have eaten something that has led to illness, and it can be a very distressing situation. In bad cases, it can lead to more than a ruined holiday. It can lead to time off work and bed rest, more serious problems and even death in extreme cases.

A lot of people don’t realise that if you’ve contracted food poisoning from a Hotel on holiday, and it is therefore not your fault, you could make a personal injury claim for food poisoning compensation.

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