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Divorce Solicitors and Family Law

The services of divorce Solicitors are essential when a couple separates during divorce or a civil partnership dissolution, but they are not just for the bad times; increasingly a family lawyer can be of assistance during happy events, such as when you are moving in with a partner or planning to get married or enter into a civil partnership including offering advice and services in pre-nuptial agreements.

Coles is delighted to offer the services of a team of family law and divorce Solicitors who have a wealth of experience to their names. They will be happy to give you advise you on the full range our family law services including divorce, civil partnership dissolution and conflict resolution. Our team includes members of Resolution,  an organisation made up of specialist family Solicitors committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. All members of Resolution sign up to a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems.

Our divorce Solicitors and family lawyers offer a complimentary initial meeting to discuss your options. Late or early appointments are available by prior arrangement and we have a range of payment options to suit you. Simply call or email us and allow us to put your mind at rest.

Divorce (or civil partnerships dissolution)

A good divorce Solicitor will always talk to you about whether divorce is the right course of action for you. Is the timing right? Has the relationship irretrievably broken down, or are there other options you could explore? If you have exhausted all other avenues and want to end your marriage with divorce of a civil partnership dissolution, our family law Solicitors will discuss your options including your primary concerns, which will be children, finances and costs.

Civil partnerships dissolution and divorce finances

Sorting out the finances after separation such as a divorce or civil partnership dissolution can be one of the greatest sources of concern. You may not have any idea of what your entitlements are and how you can protect the assets you do have. There are many options which you may not have thought of as well and it is essential that you obtain advice as early as possible.

Pragmatic, sensible negotiations will lead to a swifter, simpler outcome when it comes to the division of assets and we have a range of options to suit you including Collaborative Family Law experts. If there is one area of separation which does require legal input it is finance, to ensure that you are not left unfairly treated and financially disadvantaged. If there is one area of separation which does require legal input it is finance, to ensure that you are not left unfairly treated and financially disadvantaged.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement is contract entered into before marriage outlining how a couple may wish to split their assets, including money and property; as well as covering , should the marriage end in divorce. With divorce being commonplace in today’s society and pre-nuptial agreement can be a sensible option for couples to help avoid costly, lengthy or hostile battles in court should the marriage come to an end. Our dedicated family law experts can advise you on whether a pre-nuptial agreement is right for you, leaving you to concentrate on being in love and getting married.

Divorce Solicitors and family law case study

Jenny was married to Martin for 28 years.

Her role was homemaker: her home and children were her life. Martin worked his way through the Bank and was a Senior Manager.

Martin was in charge of the finances.

When the children left the cracks in the marriage appeared. Martin met someone else. The house was in Martin’s name. Jenny thought on divorce she would receive nothing. She was wrong. She ended up with a comfortable home, a car, some savings, approximately half of Martin’s Pension and maintenance until Martin’s retirement.