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At Coles Solicitors, we appreciate the difficulties faced after the loss of a loved one which is why we offer a professional, caring and sympathetic service to assist and guide you through the often complicated and confusing legal process, including:

•    What to do if there is no Will (Intestate Estates
•    Estate Administration
•    Obtaining Probate
•    Inheritance tax / Income tax accounts
•    Transfer of Properties
•    Will Trusts
•    Deeds of Variation / Post Death tax planning
•    Claims against Estates

If someone dies with a valid Will, they will have appointed Executors to handle the estate administration and see the terms of the Will are carried out. If the deceased did not make a Will, the law stipulates who is entitled to administer the estate, and how that estate is distributed.

Principal tasks

•    Confirming the value of the assets and debts of the estate
•    Payment of Inheritance Tax
•    Applying for the Grant of Probate
•    Taking control of the assets and transferring them into their own names
•    Producing the Grant of Probate to banks, building societies, insurance companies and other institutions and selling assets to be sold
•    Paying debts, taxes and other liabilities
•    Paying out the estate according to the Will or under the Intestacy rules
•    Provide estate accounts and tax returns
•    Comply with HM Revenue & Customs
•    Tax returns covering the period after the date of death will also be the responsibility of the executors

Whilst it is possible to undertake the work personally, many individuals choose to instruct a Solicitor to carry out some or all of the administration process and ensure their responsibilities are fully complied with. Our personal service ensures that this process is handled professionally and efficiently, and at a significantly lower cost than the equivalent services offered by banks, trust corporations and other similar institutions.

If you require any further information or would like to arrange a free consultation either at one of our offices or in the comfort of your own home, then please contact our Probate team who would be happy to assist you.