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Residential Care & Fees

Many people are keen to discuss ways of preserving assets, including the family home, to pass down as Inheritance as opposed to having to be sold to pay for Care Home fees.

Those who require care (with the exception of certain health requirements) can apply to the Local Authority for assistance with funding.  The Local Authority will carry out a Financial Assessment to determine if you are required to pay for any care privately, with fees currently around £600 per week.

Both income and capital are assessed:

  • Capital of over £24,250 results in no contribution to care
  • Below £14,250 a full contribution will be made by the Local Authority
  • Between these levels, a partial contribution may be made by the Local Authority

If a person owns, or part owns, a property, they are likely to be self funding and their property may be required to be sold to pay for care.

A common scenario is where Husband and Wife occupy a property together. Whilst both are alive they can normally cope without requiring residential care due to working together. It is when one partner passes away that the survivor may require care at some point in the future if they are unable to manage on their own.

A number of steps can be taken to preserve a family home or other forms of capital, such as savings, but these have to be taken when a person enjoys good health and therefore the requirement of care was not foreseeable.

We have considerable experience in protecting property on both a local and national level. This is a highly active area of interest at present given the cut backs to government funding and increased life expectancy and we would recommend that you to contact us for the latest advice.

Moving into a Residential Care Home?

We are able to assist with Lasting Powers of Attorneys, House Sales and can work in conjunction with Independent Financial Advisors who can assist you with funding options.
Did you know that you can get a Long Term Care Annuity to guarantee your care costs are paid regardless of the length of time you are in residential care for a fixed sum so that you know exactly what will be left of your estate for your family?