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The Festive Cheer…

The Festive Cheer…

It is 4pm on Christmas Day, you have eaten too many pigs-in-blankets, you have incautiously mixed prosecco with Tequila, and you are too hot. Around you lie scraps of paper, broken toys, and a dog who has eaten a quantity of fast-acting sprouts.  So far, then, you are having a splendid festive time, but you look across the room, and decide that you really, really detest your son-in-law.  He is wearing a paper hat and is explaining WTO trade deals to your spouse, and is vegan.  It is unfortunately true that your daughter loves him beyond all measure, and thus, a divorce, though devoutly wished, is as likely as Jeremy Corbyn winning an election.  But you do not despair, and you do not give up….as soon as the solicitor’s office opens, you promise yourself,  I am going to make a will.

You can do a lot with a will. You can include friends, charities, and newly-discovered cousins. You can reward the virtuous, and punish the wicked. Your wealth doesn’t have to go utterly to that dozy son-in-law, but can leap him to fall on deserving grandchildren. It can be settled into trusts and it can be spread around. And, remember,  if you don’t have a will, you cannot decide who gets what or make any tax-saving plans.

This Christmas, warm yourself up with Coles, and plan for the future. Give our friendly team a call on 0800 160 10 10.

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