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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

A child’s surname is important as it is part of the child’s identity.

You can change your child’s surname if they are aged 16 or under and you have parental responsibility (if your child is aged 16 or 17 they can change their own name).

We can prepare the Change of Name Deed, sign, witness it and provide certified copies. You will require this formal document to update your child’s official records with their new surname.

You don’t need to have a valid reason BUT everyone with parental responsibility must agree to the change, because everyone with parental responsibility need to sign the Change of Name Deed.

If everyone with parental responsibility cannot agree, we can write to the dissenting person(s) with parental responsibility to ask for their consent to change the child’s surname.

If that fails or if their whereabouts are not known and reasonable steps have been taken to establish contact then an application may have to be made to Court for a decision on what the child should be called (what is in the child’s best interests).

A biological father (not married at the time of the birth or did not attend with the mother to register the child), can re-register the birth at any time in the future to include their details. A declaration of parentage would be required if the mother does not provide her consent. Upon re-registration, a new birth certificate can be purchased which will confirm the child’s change of surname.

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