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When the Honeymoon is over…

When the Honeymoon is over…

Love Island, a series dominating our television screens, involves a group of contestants, referred to as Islanders, living in isolation from the outside world in a villa in Mallorca, constantly under video surveillance. Contestants are single and looking for love.

Amy Hart, a 26 year old Cabin Crew Member met fellow islander Curtis Pritchard, a 23 year old Professional Ballroom and Latin Dancer at the beginning of the show and they supposedly fell in love and became the infamous ‘half boyfriend and girlfriend,’ but Curtis ended up breaking her heart after a few short weeks together.  His head was turned by another new contestant and islander entering the villa, Jourdan.  Curtis said he liked Amy and claimed their relationship was real but he would never marry her or have children with her. Amy did not want to see Curtis ‘cracking on’ with another woman and knew that she was not realistically in a position to meet someone else and fall in love again within the next 3 weeks therefore quit the show and left the island. Curtis remains, choosing to continue his hunt for love inside the villa by continuing to get to know other islanders. Amy is hopeful they can be best friends ‘on the outside’ when the TV show comes to an end shortly.

Our Family Law Specialist, Stephanie McAulay says “When you live with someone you learn things about them that you did not know whilst dating and you may become more and more incompatible as time goes on. Your infatuation with the other person or the ‘honeymoon phase’ will come to an end and you may find you’re perhaps better off as friends. Whilst it’s never easy to talk about cohabitation agreements or pre-nups during the exciting, early phases of your relationship, we do recommend you get the right advice to ensure things remain amicable if the worse should happen.”

If you would like advice about your rights as a cohabitee or about a relationship breakdown please feel free to contact me. I can offer advice in relation to pre or post-nuptial agreements, separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, judicial separation, divorce/dissolution financial remedies, and trusts of land.

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